What Is ESCoin?

ESCoin is an internal coin developed for use on ESFaucets with many Bonuses, functions, and utilities. It is NOT an investment coin, the price of the coin doesn't fluctuate or increase, it is just set to a specific value. We might move that value around to better accommodate some features on the faucet.

Some of the uses of ESCoins are listed below, with many more to be added in the future. We are also always looking for creating functions for ESCoins so feel free to contact us with any ideas. 

ESCoins Functions/Bonuses: 

  • ESCoins Holding bonus 
  • Claim Weekly bonus
  • Additional weekly bonus based on ESCoins holding
  • Ability to pay fees with ESCoins 
  • Reduce withdrawal fees
  • Stable coin on the website 
  • Use to purchase bonuses on the website 
  • Give Valuable opinion through poll using ESCoins
  • Exchange to all other coins on the faucet website.

*Please Note: ESCoins are not a cryptocurrency/ coin on the blockchain, it is something developed internally to be used on the website. The main purpose was to reward users and give them something extra to benefit and thank for using our faucet.