What is ES-XP?

ES-XP is a leveling system meant to reward you for your loyalty.
ES-XP will build up as you use our faucet, the more ES-XP you get, the more you earn!
There is no limit to your level via ES-XP, your bonus will keep increasing as long as you keep going.

Here is how you can increase your ES-XP

Faucet Claims 1 ES-XP
ESPTCO Ads/Video Views 1 ES-XP
Offer Completion 1-5 ES-XP
Special Offer Completion 10 ES-XP

Increasing your level via ES-XP gives you these bonuses

  • 0.25% Claim Bonus / Level
  • 0.1% Referral Bonus / 10 Levels
  • Unlock new faucets at different levels
  • Gain ESCoin Bonuses
  • Various exclusive features for specific levels
  • and much more...

There is no way to lose your ES-XP, so work hard, level up and most important of all

Have fun while earning!